Jamie is awesome!!! I am a first time home buyer and she made the whole process really enjoyable. She took me to every property I was interested in and was always available to show homes until I found the right place. Working with her was great, and she is extremely knowledgeable about everything having to do with real estate. I seriously cannot say enough great things about Jamie, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase a home.

Megan M.

- Megan M.

Jamie Lawrence did an exemplary job as our Realtor.  She is extremely hard working and has excellent knowledge of the market and of the City.  She guided us expertly from the start.  We never felt in any way pushed in one direction or another.

We really could not have asked for a better experience. Having been buyers and sellers in the London market, which is a good parallel with the competitive San Francisco market, we were aware of the various pressures that can fall on the client. The experience we had with Jamie was at all times first class – she enabled a stressful process to be actively enjoyable.

We have now moved into our new house, and we are delighted!  Jamie is a credit to Zephyr – we recommended her highly!

Leslie H. & Helen P.

- Leslie H. & Helen P.

Jamie Lawrence did an exceptional job selling my TIC. Her professionalism and legal background (she has a law degree) were instrumental in navigating through the complications of selling a TIC unit. She was always prompt in responding to my questions and prompt in executing action items.

Jamie had a number of open houses, followed up with prospects and always contacted me with updates. She knows the local market and was able to accurately suggest the best listing price.

In addition to all this it is clear to see that Jamie is a woman of integrity who has her client’s best interest at heart. Without hesitation I would use Jamie to sell my next property and highly recommend her to others.

Jeffrey N.

- Jeffrey N.

I had an outstanding experience working with Jamie when I purchased my home late last year.  Jamie was a respected classmate in law school and I have known her for seven years.  I know her to be extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and appropriately discerning — all of which are a huge plus in a realtor.  Knowing her as I do, I was extremely comfortable going to her for our first big home purchase.

Given some of the difficulties associated with this particular property, I can now say what a phenomenal guide and resource Jamie proved to be.  Our house is an early 20th century home and we found that there was substantial deferred maintenance.  More deferred maintenance, in fact, than was evident from the seller’s reports or was evident to us at a first glance.  Jamie, however, had the foresight to take timely and appropriate steps to uncover the full extent of issues with the home.  She took the lead in contacting no less than ten contractors/inspectors — structural engineers, heating specialists, roofers, pest inspectors, home inspectors, electricians, and chimney specialists — and obtained reports and estimates.  The scope of this effort is not something I would have undertaken (or even thought to undertake) on my own, but Jamie’s efforts in this regard were critical to our success in this transaction.  Indeed, they led to a price reduction of over $30,000 relative to our initial contract price.

What I realized after the fact was that Jamie brought her legal training and sensibilities to this transaction.  She spotted potential problems, conducted an investigation, and then built a case for a substantial price reduction, which she then presented to the seller.  Throughout all of this, Jamie was incredibly responsive and diligent in executing the details of the transaction.  She went out of her way to manage our mortgage broker when some issues arose with the terms of our loan.  All in all, she was completely reliable and acted 100% in our interest.  I would recommend Jamie to anyone, and have already given her name to several close friends who are in the real estate market.

Jake F.

- Jake F.

Jamie brings a critical eye to the table on behalf of her clients.  Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she is also fantastic at explaining — clearly —  the real estate market and all its required transactions in context. This was helpful as first-time buyers in a competitive market, providing us with better understanding of when we needed to be aggressive, and when we could ease up on the gas. She is very well-organized, clear, and assertive, while also being mindful and compassionate about our limitations. Moreover, she was extremely patient as we hemmed and hawed, unable to articulate clearly what we actually wanted in a home, on our budget. She listened, without judgement, and was constantly on the lookout for anything that fit our vague descriptions. We felt extremely supported throughout this entire process.  Any homebuyer would be lucky to have Jamie on their side!

Hanh Q. & Roger T.

- Hanh Q. & Roger T.

Jamie was fantastic. She took me through just about every property on the market within my criteria to find a place I loved. I needed to move quickly once I’d found the perfect place, and Jamie worked hard to get us into escrow quickly and get the deal closed in about a month.

Jamie scrutinized every piece of paperwork and every detail on my behalf. She connected me with the right folks for financing, escrow, and inspections. She pointed out issues I might want to consider when looking at places and when closing the deal. When there was a threat to on-time closing, Jamie went to bat for me to ensure the seller held up his end of the deal.

Jamie is conscientious, organized, and detail oriented. She gave me the comfort of knowing someone other than me who is highly skilled was poring over the various disclosures and contract documents to make sure my interests were protected. I would definitely use Jamie again, and I recommend her highly to anyone who is looking to buy or sell property!

Erin S.

- Erin S.

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