Welcome!  I’m Jamie Lawrence, your San Francisco real estate resource.  I’m a Harvard and Stanford-trained lawyer who left big law firm life to pursue my passion—helping you achieve your real estate goals.  I am a Top Producing agent at Zephyr.

As your Realtor, I put my negotiation and project management skills to work for your best interests.  Are you thinking of buying or selling?  Let’s talk about your needs and put together a winning plan.

What I Offer Clients

  • Guidance for Buyers. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, I explain every step of the process and make sure you are fully informed of your options.  Want a comprehensive explanation of Tenancies-in-Common (TICs)?  Wondering which neighborhoods might meet your needs?  Let’s discuss!
  • Complete Marketing Strategy for Sellers. I provide a robust analysis of the current market value of your property.  I will create a comprehensive, individualized marketing plan that uses traditional and new media to reach today’s savvy buyers and maximize your bottom line.
  • An Attorney’s Diligence.  Is this a condo sale or Google’s IPO?  I treat your transaction like a megadeal because it’s just as important.  I don’t rest until I’ve done everything in my power to get you the best possible outcome.
  • Deep Understanding of the Transaction. I understand the “why” of the transaction, and I deliver greater value to my clients as a result.  Because I’m an attorney, the contracts aren’t just forms to me.  I understand the purpose of each provision, and I review every word with a keen eye.
  • The Benefits of Technology. I use technology to streamline the process, saving time and trees.  Whenever possible, I prepare documents for electronic review and digital signature.  Do you prefer signing with ink?  Don’t worry; I’ll highlight and tab the printed documents to make things easy.
  • A Strong Team. I have a great team of professionals—mortgage consultants, title officers, inspectors, contractors, stagers, and a transaction coordinator.  I lead the team to make sure we achieve your goals.
  • Let’s Be Frank. I tell my clients the truth—whether or not it’s what they want to hear.  Is this charming property more of a fixer-upper than you said you wanted?  I want every client to be a client for life, not a quick sale, so I tell you what I really think.
  • An Enjoyable Experience. You won’t find a Realtor who takes your transaction more seriously than I do.  But even though the stakes are high, I strive to make sure my clients enjoy every step of the process.


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